Lumina Light Festival 2014


This weekend I joined a Meetup-group and took the train out from Lisbon to Cascais for the last day of the three-day Lumina light festival. I didn’t know much about the festival beforehand, and I was blown away at the scale of everything
As you come out of the train staton in Cascais there was a line of blue street lights that led you through this magical journey of light and sound.
The photos doesn’t do the Lumina festival justice as it is impossible to capture the moving images that was displayed on walls in all directions around you, but I hope they will give you an idea of what it was like.

The festival is growing year-by-year so if you have the chance to see it next year I can highly recommend it! Thanks to the Meetup-group I traveled with for the good company, and to the voulenteers and artists for making the festival happen!

The Limina Festival website: